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Well I suppose since the wedding is EXACTLY ONE YEAR FROM TODAY (technically yesterday since it’s now after midnight!) I’m long overdue for an update . . . a very, very long update. And since it’s so late, a very random update!

Let’s see. Last time I blogged, we had just booked the Jack and Jill for next May and were about to book the hall for our at-home reception in October. That’s all done. I thought I had been slacking from planning over the summer. I had planned on it, anyway. Now that I look back, I guess I have (unintentionally) accomplished a lot in the last few months!

So, the J&J and the AHR are booked. We’ve also obviously booked the date and venue – Sept. 14, 2012 in Punta Cana! I designed our Save the Dates and had them printed. I plan on sending those out within the next few weeks, so once they’re sent I’ll post a photo of them. I am so pleased with how they turned out! (Note: Vistaprint = amazing!)

In August, three of my four bridesmaids and I went to my first wedding show as a bride. What an eventful day. It started out with registration – we all had to fill out a form, and at the bottom, there was a spot to sign up for the Cupcake Dive (for brides only). I don’t know about you, but I immediately pictured a bobbing-for-apples style game and I was NOT keen on that! Luckily for me, my fantastic bridesmaids all signed me up, and lo-and-behold, out of countless brides, I was one of the five girls chosen to participate.

When they ambushed me (literally!) and pulled me backstage, I was given a tulle veil and fake tiara and a t-shirt to go over my clothes. We were told there was a fake diamond ring baked into one of at least 100 cupcakes and we had to squeeze them (almost a waste of delicious cupcakes!) to find it. I didn’t even know what we were playing for – they told us we would all receive six cupcakes from the sponsor of the contest (which I still haven’t received!) and I honestly thought that was the prize.

You can probably guess where this story is going. I won – found the ring in about seven squeezes! Little did I know, the prize would be amazing. Two wedding bands – valued at $1000!!! – from a jewelry store nearby! They were gorgeous. I already had a matching band that came with my engagement ring, so my right hand is enjoying a little extra bling these days! The ring that I won for Alex was also stunning, but not his style. The store was gracious enough to trade it in for us and he was able to pick a ring that suited his tastes. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

A couple of weeks ago, Alex and I decided on a fabulous photographer to shoot our engagement photos and cover our AHR for us ( – check her out!). She customized a perfect package to suit our needs. The day that we planned to drop our deposit off, Katie announced a fantastic contest in honour of the second anniversary of launching her business. The contest was simple: the person who sent the most new fans to her Facebook fan page won a free photography package. I think it was a pretty close race. We didn’t win, but thanks to our amazing family and friends who voted for us, we came in second and Katie is giving us an amazing gift certificate to put toward our wedding photography package!

Needless to say, I’ve been on an (unintentional!) roll with contests and wedding planning! What really threw a wrench into our summer wedding planning was what I’m most excited about: we bought our first house! We get it in 16 more sleeps – I’m just a little bit excited! It’s been a long wait, and we’re very anxious! Definitely a scary process, this whole growing up thing. I can’t wait to get into the house and get settled. Packing sucks!

Since we have a year to go, it’s time to get serious. My mom and I are going dress shopping on Saturday (yay!!), and in the next few weeks, we have to get engagement photos done, finalize the guest list and mail out the Save the Dates, book the photographer/videographer who will shoot our wedding in Punta Cana, shop for bridesmaids dresses, register . . . and so many more things that I can’t think of right now. My mom and I have also started planning my shower (well, one of three showers . . . that’s a whole different story!) and there are lots of fun projects involved. I’ve been doing a lot of DIY/creative projects and I’m loving it. I still feel really laid back and I hope this feeling lasts, because this is super fun!



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