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sunday morning woes…

Posted on: May 1, 2011

A destination wedding means some people (many who are very important to us, like our grandparents) may not come. Alex and I have both accepted that, but we know we have to have a reception when we get home for everyone else. I originally wanted to keep this reception fairly small and intimate. I don’t want a sit-down, plated meal. I want a cocktail party with hors-d’oeuvres early on in the night, around 6:30, and a buffet around 9:30. We don’t want a full second wedding; this reception was just intended to be a night to celebrate with the people who couldn’t make it to our destination wedding. I wanted to try and keep the guest list under 200 people.

That’s not going to happen.

My first draft of the guestlist – a rough version that didnt even include much of Alex’s side – had more than 260 people on it. I have a huge family. And besides that, I have a very blended family. Between my mom’s side, my dad’s side and my stepdad’s side, my list of family guests topped in at more than 120. Alex’s mom came up with a guestlist of almost 80 people. Add a few friends, our wedding party and us – and it’s not going to be very intimate!

But what can we do? There are only so many cuts we can make. Family is so important, and we both want to have friends there. Although money is an issue, we’re more worried that we won’t be able to get a chance to visit with everyone – or, we’ll be talking to everyone and not have a chance to enjoy the night.

Sigh . . .


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