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We met with the people at the hall tonight and booked our Jack and Jill (stag and doe) for May 5, 2012. It feels so good to finally cross something off our (what seems like) never-ending to-do list! Next up is the hall for our reception.. and possibly try and figure out where we’re actually going to get married. The first travel agent I had been in touch with was absolutely useless, so I guess it’s time to look for another option. In the meantime, I’m heading to bed. Early start tomorrow – and not because of the Royal Wedding (Although I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch a bit of it when I’m up.)!


Although I’m super anxious to get everything planned for the wedding, I’m actually not upset that we have a bit of a long(er) engagement. I’m sure I’d be able to get everything planned in a year or less if I had to, but a year-and-a-half gives me time to do things exactly the way I want to. I love design, arts and crafts and being creative, so I want to be able to add a lot of creative touches to the wedding, for example, designing my own invitations etc. My first DIY project (which wasn’t even really much of a project!) was finding a creative way to ask our wedding party to be part of our special day. Since we’re doing a destination wedding, I thought about buying everyone luggage tags and inserting little cards in the opening that says “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

I liked the thought of it, but it wasn’t enough. So, I decided to buy everyone a pair of inexpensive flip-flops from Old Navy and loop the luggage tag through the shoes. However, when it came down to buying the luggage tags, I couldn’t find any fun ones! They were all boring ones. I put on my thinking cap and ended up buying clear vinyl ID card holders and used tear-apart business cards to make my own luggage tags. On one side, I wrote “Alex + Stef – September 2012” (since we don’t have an exact date yet) and on the other I wrote the girl/guy’s name and “will you be my bridesmaid/groomsman?” I decorated the tags with 3-D scrapbook stickers and used some pretty silver ribbon to loop them through the sandal strap. I love the way they turned out and they were a hit with our wedding party!! (the Spiderman tag and the little sandals are for Alex’s nephew!)

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It’s been almost two weeks since we got engaged and my head has been spinning ever since!! I’ve always wanted to be dedicated to a blog and have never been able to do it. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to keep on top of this blog. I want to be able to remember every single detail!!

Alex and I are planning a destination wedding in 2012 and we are both so excited – but I don’t think either of us (well, I certainly didn’t!) realized how much work will go into to. We’re essentially planning two weddings – well, one and a half! We’ll do a beach wedding in the Caribbean (island TBD!) in September, and have a cocktail-style party/reception when we return (likely in October). The money part of it all scares me, so I’m obsessed with watching shows like Wedding SOS and Rich Bride Poor Bride to help keep us on track. Definitely a wake-up call!

I’m going to try to update this a couple times a week with any plans and progress – although there will be some things that will definitely be kept secret!

For now… one of our first (decent pictures) as an engaged couple.. to fill the frame my cousin gave me, saying “Bling bling.. I got the ring!”

bling bling.. i got the ring!


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